Nostalgia over film

*Note*  This is a throwback post from October 2012. My life has just recently gotten pretty crazy.  I have two part time jobs and am starting a full time on Monday.  I also am doing freelance photography on the side and have over 100 LinkedIn headshots to edit that I recently took at an event.  But I didn't want to just abandon this again and ruin the schedule I've kinda started.  So enjoy this little unedited throwback and hopefully once I get into the swing of things I'll actually get more exciting new content out :)

All week I've been watching the leaves change and all I've been thinking about is wanting to photograph everything.  Issue is, most times I think this while I'm on my way to school or work with my camera tucked away at home.

Lately I haven't been wanting to shoot with my new Canon, but with my old film camera.

There has been reasons I've chosen not to use it.  After my spring semester was over, I purchased my new camera, and wanted to use it at every given moment. As much as I loved using black and white film for my photography class, it was a nice change to be able to use color.

Another was film.  It's expensive after a while, and I have to drive a town away to purchase.

My main reason, though, was how much I love developing in the dark room.  Not only could I edit my pictures there, but it became a 2nd home to me.  To drop my photos off at a random store and hope for the best is very unnerving.

But there are many reasons why I love film as well.

You only get 24 chances, so you really take the time to think of what you are shooting.  There's also those moments where you take a risky shot and just hope it's not over exposed and in focus.

Sure there was some film that may have not been developed properly and had some errors, but sometimes it just works for the picture and gives it character.

Sometimes I had to creep in front of stranger's houses to get the shot I wanted.

 Other times I got to go to some of my favorite places and show how I see the world,

and on some days I got to walk around with friends and show how they see the world.

All shot with a Canon AL-1

Yes my new camera is amazing, but there is nothing like shooting with a film camera.  

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