Well hello there.

Nothing like the first awkward post right?  Well technically this isn't my first blog post.  I actually started this blog over two years ago and had about 80 posts, but something was just off.  I could never decide where I wanted to venture and what exactly it was I wanted to post.  I kinda went all over the place trying to post what I thought people would want to read, but not really enjoying it.  And no one else really was either.

So I decided to start over completely fresh.  I gave the whole page a makeover and viola!  Lost In Dreamland 2.0.

The plan is to focus on what I originally set out for this blog to be.  A photography blog.  I'll post my adventures whether it's going on a fun hiking trip or to my favorite diner.  Yep I'm a foodie so that will definitely be among the nature and portraits.

In the meantime you can check out my portfolio or my etsy page.  I will probably start off posting about once a week.  Enjoy!


  1. Excited for future posts! Sometimes I wish I could just re-do my blog as well!

    xx Chelsea

  2. Thanks so much! I definitely plan to throw some throwbacks from the old blog now and again, but I'm really excited to start over with a clearer focus in mind :)

  3. I have recently done this too over on my blog! I know the feeling. I wasn't "feeling" my blog either, so I decided to completely take down my old blog, buy a domain name, a new layout and start brand new. Talk about change!

    I couldn't be happier though and I hope you feel the same way too.