WFPB Foodies anyone?

Just a basic homemade smoothie bowl.  If you want a recipe let me know!

So I feel like even though this is only the like 5th post we've reached this point in our relationship where I have to be honest with you...I eat a whole foods plant based diet.

Some probably don't know what that means, and the rest are either super excited or running in the opposite direction.

Whole foods plant based is similar to veganism where you don't eat any animal products, but it goes a bit further where you try to eat more basic and a lot less processed.  The type of diet where you really know exactly what you're eating.  A good example is oreos are technically vegan.  But that doesn't mean they're necessarily healthy.  So I try to keep oreos and imitation type meats to a minimum and stick to the things I can actually name and know every ingredient.

Why am I mentioning all this?  Like I said it's kind of good to just lay it all out there.  But this is a photography blog?  I know.  But I take pictures of my food A LOT.  Cuz while yummy also tends to look really pretty.

I thought it be good to just explain this from the start so I don't get a million questions in the future about what my diet is.

And if you love your meat no worries!  Like I said photos are and will be my main thang and I'm not going to really talk about it much unless people are actually interested.

*Feel the need to add*  I'm not perfect.  A couple of days ago I actually had crepes with friends (blog post soon on that ;))  I knew it wasn't completely plant based and I did feel a bit gross afterwards from the dairy and eggs, but I go by progress not perfection.  If I have something small every couple of months it's not the end of the world.


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    1. The way I see it: you eat what you feel "comfortable" eating and you post what you feel comfortable posting. There really should be no ifs or buts.

      Thanks for being so real. :)